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Trade and Professional

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Here is a list of magazines I have found in three areas of Trade & Professional on www.abc.org.uk, including the total average net circulation per issue.
Agriculture & Farming
Irish Farmers Journal (Agricultural Trust) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (68,017)
Irish Field (Agricultural Trust) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (15,724)
Tractor & Farm Trader (Kelsey Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (12,980)
TES Group (TSL Education Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (76,848)
Times Educational Supplement (TSL Education Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (69,153)
Times Educational Supplement Scotland (TSL Education Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 (7,695)
Times Higher Education Supplement (TSL Education Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 (22,194)
Other Trades
HIP! Heating Engineers, Installers & Plumbers (SNG Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 (14,127)
Analysis of various magazine websites in terms of features and how they make money;
Architectural Digest - www.architecturaldigest.com/
  • advertisement for coffee and financial advisors
  • subscriptions details with a plug - 'Get a FREE 2008 Calendar!' -  option of buying subscription as a gift
  • image of front cover of current issue
  • search engine
  • slideshow
  • details on an opportunity to appear in magazine
  • articles such as 'what's new this month', 'estates for sale', 'modern homes'
  • library of videos
  • forums
  • contact details
  • past issues/history
  • diectory of architects
  • shopping


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