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Sports - Kiran


Whilest researching sports magazines I have found there are hundred of sports magazines ranging from specialist sports areas, commonly football, rugby, golf etc. to magazines about the whole subject area.  Generally all of the magazines I researched can be found online, if not just to promote their magazine.  Alot of them have a well established online magazine with plenty of interactive features.  Here is a list of some of the magazines avaliable today in the sports sector in the field of specialist magazines. 


  • Four Four two

               - football and rugby

               - monthly.

               - published by Haymarket.

               - total average net circulation per issue of 111, 406 in 2006.

  • Match Magazine

               - aimed at teen/pre-teen.

               - fortnightly.

               - circulation of 130181 in 2006.

               -Football - Adult

               -When Saturday Comes Ltd.

               -ciculation of 20, 151 in 2006.

  • World Soccer

               - Football - Adult.

               - IPC Media Ltd.

               - circulation of 51,911 in 2006.

  • Kick

               - Aimed at young teenage boys.

               - Attic media network ltd.

               - circulation of 61,512.

  • Shoot

               - Aimed at teenage males to young adults.

               - IPC media ltd.

               - cirulation of 33,455.

  • Chelsea Magazine

               - Club specific magazine, catering for Chelsea FC fans.

               - Published by Chelsea football club.

               - circulation of 69,694.

  • Hooker Rugby

               - Sports - Rugby.

               - CRM publishing ltd.

               - circulation of 4,282.

               - UK only.

  • Rugby World
           - Sports - Rugby.
           - IPC media group.
           - circulation of 41,896.
  • Runners World

               - Athletic magazine.

               - The UK's biggest running magazine.

               - published by Natmag Rodale.

               - circulation of 83,539.

  • The Wiseden Cricketer.

               - Sports - Cricket.

               - published by wiseden cricketer publishing limited.

               - circulation of 35,442.

  • Going for golf magazine.

               - Sports - Golf.

               - published by Going for gold ltd.

               - circulation of 27,836.

  •  Golf international.

               - Sports - Golf.

               - Published by Golf international (services) ltd.

               - circulation of 36,377.

  • Golf Monthly.

               - Sports - Golf.

               - IPC Media Ltd

               -  circulation of 74,801.

  • Golf World.

               - Sports - Golf.

               - EMAP consumer media PLC.

               - circulation of 33,007.

  • Todays Golfer.

               - Sports - Golf.

               - EMAP consumer media PLC.

               - circulation of 92,792. 

  • Sky sports magazine.

              - General sports magazine.

              - published by Haymarket network.

              - circulation of 4,362, 228.


All circulation figures provided by http://www.abc.org.uk



 Sports magazine websites


 Four Four Two




This website features section such as:-


 Each section follows links to 'samples of english premiership articles featured in recent editions of FourFourTwo.


This website seems very basic and serves almost simply as advertising for the magazine itself.  It features almost no interactive eliments and there is hardly anything to read of interest to a sports/football fan or otherwise.  The website however does let you view pages from other editions of the magazine so as to give the reader a taste of what the magazine has to offer, or a regular reader the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed.


Match Magazine




This website is aimed at the younger end of the market, pre-teens and young teenage boys.  The website itself has extra features for members, such as football facts, message boards, pictures, letters etc. members can even upload a picture of themselves which is displayed when they log-in.  This will increase user interaction and being them back to use the website regularly.  The website itself has has adopted colourful style to grab the audiences attention, it is interesting for the younger user and is of a less serious nature than online magazines such as 'World Soccer' magazine.


This website feautures section such as:-

  • Planet Footie news.

                         - This involves sub-sections such as premier league, champions league, europe etc. 

                         - links to articles written about the subject with interactive polls.

  • Match facts.
  • polls.
  • games.
            - fantasy football.
            - movies.
  • ' Coach King' - this is an interactive feature with a character the users can relate to. They can watch his hints/tips and can even ask his advice.
  •  Download wallpapers for the users computers, which could also count as an advertising venture.
  •  'Contact us' 


This is a complex website heaily reliant on advertising.  The format works well, it is user and child friendly, interactive and exciting to use.


World Soccer Magazine.


World Soccer Logo




This website is aimed at an older audience, it has adapted a grown up style and focus' on the news aspect of the football world.  It even involves links to http://www.easyodds.com/compareodds/Football/ so that the reader can get involved by betting.  This demonstrates the age of the intended audience, particularly in comparison with 'match magazine'.  The website itself has features such as:-

  • News
  • Forums so readers can discuss
  • Competitions
  • Fixtures
  • Results
  • Tables
  • Interviews with many football players
  • Profiles
  • Talent Scouts which involves 'profiles of the up and coming players who are starting to make their mark on the game.'
  • Readers can sign up to receive a newsletter.
  • Polls e.g. 'who has been the best player of 2007?'
  • 'World Soccer shop'
  • A helpful feature which allows readers to find their nearest newsagent/stockist by typing in their postcode.


Shoot Magazine




Shoot is a monthly magazine with an online magazine which is of a far more light hearted nature to that of 'world soccer.'  Features involved are:-


  • Polls
  • Interviews
  • Articles
  • Games
  • Up to the minute news
  • Discussion groups
Athletics Weekly
This website uses from myspace and facebook to keep its readers informed, this is a new way of relating to a younger audience and is very current.
Common features in online sports magazines
  • Polls - throughout all of the online magazines I looked at, the majority have some sort of interactive poll or 'quick question' asking the reader to give their opinion about a particular subject.  This allows interaction between the magazine and the reader.
  • Magazine Subscriptions - this is, in my opinion, the main reason for setting up the website, as a form of advertisement for the magazine.  Every website and sports magazine I researched had a clear section in which subscritions and avaliablity was shown to the reader.
  • Search Engine - this illiminates the need for a content page, interactivley allows the reader to search for what they want to find on the online magazine.
  • Advertisements - throughout all of the online magazines I researched all of them showed a large number of advertising on almost every page, this is the main way the online magazine make money and therefore allow to provide websites/online magazines with free interactive features.  The more common
  • Competitions - this allows for more interactivity from the reader and online magazine, it also is a way of obtaining information about the type of people who use the service, these people can also be contacted in the future to advertise the magazine itself and other magazines which may be of interest to them.
  • Games - in the relm of sports, there is a wide variety of games which can be used, this is also a good method of getting users to regularly visit the website which will then increase revenue from advertisers.
  • Membership - having a membership service brings readers back to the website/online magazine which will then encourage advertisers and therefore boost revenue for the magazine.  Memebers can also be made aware of any news/changes within the magazine as they usually recieve a news letter/email as part of the membership service.
 'Internet users show their age' - Enid Burns, January 4th 2006 (http://www.slickz.com/3575136)

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