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News and Current Affairs

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago


News and Current Affairs - Shabina

Title(s) (Publisher):News and Current Affairs-Business and Finance (19 magazines)

Business Life (Cedar Communications Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Business Traveller Magazine (Perry Publications Limited) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

Fortune Magazine - Europe (Time Warner Publishing BV) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Gleaner - UK Edition (GV Media Group Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006   

Investors Chronicle (FT Business) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Money Observer (Guardian Magazines Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

MoneyWeek (Moneyweek Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

Moneywise (Moneywise Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

My Money (Big Spark / Petersham Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007  

Start Your Business (G Media UK Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

The Business (The Business Publishing Ltd) 01-Apr-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

The Economist - Asia Pacific Edition (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

The Economist - Continental Europe Edition (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

The Economist - Middle East/Africa Edition (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

The Economist - United Kingdom Edition (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

The Economist - Worldwide Sales Excl. The Americas (The Economist Newspaper Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

What Franchise (Partridge Publications (2000) Ltd) 01-Jul-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

What Investment (Charterhouse Communications) 01-Jul-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

You & Your Money (Ashville Media Group Ltd) 01-Mar-2007 to 31-May-2007


Title(s) (Publisher) News and Current Affairs- Domestic (13 magazines)


History Today (History Today Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

New Statesman (New Statesman Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Private Eye (Pressdram Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Prospect (Prospect Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Spectator (Spectator (1828) Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

The Irish Post (Irish Post Media Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

The Oldie (Oldie Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

The Phoenix (Penfield Enterprises Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

The Week (Dennis Publishing Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

View From Bridport (View From Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007   

View From Crewkerne (View From Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007  

View From Group (View From Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

View From Honiton (View From Publishing Ltd) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007


Title(s) (Publisher) News and Current Affairs- International (10 magazines)


African Business (IC Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

Guardian Weekly (The Guardian Media Group plc) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

IC Publications Group (IC Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

New African (IC Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006 

The Daily Jang (Jang Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006  

The Middle East (IC Publications Ltd) 01-Jan-2006 to 31-Dec-2006

Time Magazine - British Isles (BI) (Time Warner Publishing BV) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

Time Magazine - EMEA (excluding BI/SA) (Time Warner Publishing BV) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

Time Magazine - EMEA Group (Time Warner Publishing BV) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

Time Magazine - Southern Africa (SA) (Time Warner Publishing BV) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007  


Title(s) (Publisher) News and Current Affairs- Science (4 magazines)


New Scientist - Australasian Sales (Reed Business Information Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

New Scientist - US/Canadian Sales (Reed Business Information Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007 

New Scientist - Worldwide Sales Excluding Australasia & US/Canada (Reed Business Information Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007

New Scientist - Worldwide Sales (Reed Business Information Limited) 01-Jan-2007 to 30-Jun-2007






  • Published by Cedar from 1986. 
  • Available monthy.
  • Aims to attract BA business passengers.
  • Aims to entertain and inform them about the business element of lifestyle topics.
  • Topic examples:  film, sports, and music.
  • Magazine split into a 60/40 percent ratio, with editorials and advertisements.




  • Run by IC publications since 1966.
  • African Business, The Middle East and New African magazines out monthly.
  • Covers issues like government, social, business and cultural developements.
  • Written in a cutting edge style.




  • UK based magazine
  • Likely to be the oldest history magazine that still existes.
  • Started being published in 1951.
  • Got independant finance in 1980.
  • Magazine reviews historic books, movies, and websites.




  • Started reporting for science and technology since 1956.
  • Though during this period of time many changes have occured inthe world.
  • Magazine's aim remains same, interest lies in updating and keeping their readers informed in the most stimulating and active ways.
  • However aswel as information it provides readers with other things like features, commentaries and jobs.




  • website promotes magazine.
  • Subscription offer.
  • Content summaries.
  • Reader comments.
  • Includes one or two main articles, also featured in the magazine.






  • BBC website’s news and current affair section is free.
  • Has 24 hour coverage.
  • Constantly updated.
  • Offers viewers to watch news streams using media player.
  • Since 2005 current affair stories have been shown to.
  • Other news based programming also made viewable online to broadband customers.
  • Has a growing audience, of fifteen million plus.
  • Posing competition to other news channels and mediums, i.e. magazines.
  • And as the information below suggests the BBC World Service is a successful new medium across the world.


  • BBC World Service, as part of the BBC Global News Division.
  • Aims to be the world's best known and also provide: -
    *a 24-hour international news and information radio service in English, with schedules tailored to different parts of the world, and available on the most relevant platforms in each market. 
    *a strong English 24-hour online news service through the BBC’s International facing news website, in partnership with BBC News Interactive. 
    *news and information radio services in 32 further languages, with schedules and volume of output tailored to each market. 
    *audio and text services online in all languages, with full 24-hour online news offers in nine key services (English, Arabic, Portuguese for Brazil, Chinese, Hindi, Persian, Russian, Spanish and Urdu) 
    *a range of debates, interactive forums, opportunities for user generated content and other interactive initiatives to drive a ‘global conversation’ with and for audiences.
  • Most creative.
  • Most respected voice in international news.
  • BBC World Service provides services in 33 languages (including English) around the world, on radio and online.
  • Benefit to audiences around the world, the UK and the BBC.
  • At the core of the service are the BBC’s values of impartiality, accuracy, independence and authoritativeness.

However according tohttp://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=38540http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/story.asp?storycode=38540 and www.abc.org despite big organizations like the BBC having news and current affairs accessible through new mediums online, many of the magazines I have listed above (within my first post) still circulate well.Private Eye continues to be the biggest title in this sector. The other left-of-centre weekly, Prospect, was another big winner. The Spectator - which six months ago was up 5.3 per cent year-on-year to 72,034 - has not had an ABC reported this time around. The Economist is growing impressively in all regions. The Economist's seven per cent rise means it has now increased circulation in the UK by 54 per cent in the last 10 years. Worldwide it now sells 1,260,457.


Despite having a hi-tech, impressive, and an easy on the eye website, which shows great contempary features, very up to date information and numerous attractive looking elements, the BBC website according to the Telegraph and other news sources is suffering from corporation cost cuts. The organisation will try to merge their news mediums in order to stay within budget. This would also reduce the pressure on journalists of having to update webpages constantly. Visible changes to television news, the move of Natasha Kaplinsky to Five News.

The slashing of the budget means jobs being axed, and possibly industrial actions being taken. 12% of the workforce could find themselves jobless with the changes.




positive points:

  • lets viewers search headlines they want to look at through an easy to find and accessible search bar, conventionally at the top of the webpage.
  • underneath, newsfeeds broken down into the seperate areas of interest, again emphasis on finding things quickly and with ease.
  • "Automatically searching 30005 news sources every 5 minutes"- under website heading, statement - exclusivity, NEW news, updated, current...engraving the fact that you will always finding something new on the website whenever you go onto it.
  • middle section dedicated to 5-10 minute stories listed in bullet point format, one after the other.
  • right hand side, offers top stories current and previous from other media organisations, BBC, Sunday Mirror, Sky News...etc.
  • offers internal and external links.

A website of this kind can offer far more than a news and current affair magazine, as it has unlimited capacity. In print stories must be selected, a certain amount and ones which are seen to be of most importance are submitted. Here you do not have that problem as stories from all over the UK, and different media organisations are there for the viewers to see with a click of a button.

negative points:

  • stories are only submitted from the UK and the odd few from the USA, not worldwide.
  • columned old style layout, rather conventional of news and current affairs, to have something which looks simple and bland.
  • listing all stories, makes the page look too busy.

The websites bad points are more to do with its aestetics rather than its content. I much rather use the BBC website for news and current affirs as it keeps the readers attention through the use of flash imagery, visul and audio clips, and then it caters for people from multiple backgrounds, through all the languages it covers the news in.  




  • Magazine brings readers a round up of all the Current Affairs news stories, from the past 7 days.
  • Content is provided by other newspapers such as The Independant, Daily Mirror, Financial Times.
  • Aims to give busy working individuals the chance to catch up on all the weeks happening within as little as an hour of their time.
  • Includes all the "best articles" from popular journalists.
  • Stories covered are UK and Internationally based.
  • Website gives information about:
    -Its content, why it is a good read.
    -Free issues.
    -Coverage of main stories.
    -Basic website promoting the magazine.
    -Good idea to have a magazine of this sort as it gives readers and alternative way of getting updated with news, instead of going through website archives and buying seperate or tracking down the weekly newspapers.
    -Its digested written form allows readers to recieve the facts straightaway.
    -Bad points of are that the selected articles that are in the magazine may not neccessary be the ones you would want to read or ones you would consider to be the most important.




  • News for women.
  • Not come across a magazine exclusive to a gender.
  • Gap in market, success of media text.
  • Most news and current affair magazines attract a male dominanted readership.
  • All stories covered on the website are to do with women.
  • Issues and stories about women in political ring, voting, lesbianism, sports, journlist of the month, a day in the life of, interanational stories.
  • On ABC website, no category of womens news, suggesting there maybe none in the UK...
  • Website style: minimalistic, images, text, no proper allignment.
  • News in arabic aswell as english.




  • Webfeed.
  • Search engine for jobs.
  • Scrolling flash news headlines.
  • Interactive guides.
  • Email service.
  • G2 features.
  • Podcasts.
  • Audio reports.
  • RSS feeds.
  • Digital editions.
  • PDFs.




  • Video style slideshow, plat and pause functions.
  • Podcasts
  • Blogs
  • Scrolling features column, using arrows.
  • Mobile Time




  • Ecopedia
  • Blogs
  • Archives
  • PDFs
  • PDAs
  • Email Updates
  • Podcasts
  • RSS
  • Voting
  • Forums




  • Simple layout
  • Lefthand side navigation
  • Login
  • Subscripition
  • Email
  • View issue or archive
  • Minimal
  • Ordinary




  • Search the site
  • suscribe
  • online oldie radio
  • search for books
  • online bookshop




  • scrolling flash text
  • business directory
  • youthlink
  • shopping
  • radio
  • search engine (website and google)
  • webcam
  • chat
  • screensavers
  • newsletter
  • subscription



  • RSS
  • PGI subscription- PGI emails
  • Webchat
  • Sales
  • Links
  • Free daily email
  • Shop
  • Bookshop
  • Trials



  • Flash advertisements
  • Subscription
  • Promoting magazine
  • Articles on saving money
  • No real new media forms incorporated in the website.  




  • Free email
  • Subscribe
  • Flash advertising
  • Portfolio tools
  • Webchat
  • Factsheets
  • Competitions



  • Magazine archive
  • Symbol look-up
  • Search engine
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Videos



http://www.webuser.co.uk/sites/site_review.php?cid=139 - website offers reviews on main UK news and curret affair websites, including Sky news, ITV, BBC etc...


http://www.journalism.co.uk/36/35/ -source for online news journalism, links to external pages.



Recent Guardian online article by Victor Keegan.

Summary: Article issue is addressing the use of web access on  mobile phones, its not picking up quickly and neither has it been broadly used.

  • operators charging for unwanted data, expensive.
  • poor user experience.
  • small keyboard, tricky.
  • mobiles first being used for calls and texting, not expected to be so successful, and have over 60 different funtionalities, people are not sure about what and how to use.

Things changing-

  • new tarrifs, "all you can eat".
  • exceeding competition, between popular competitors.
  • web wars: searches- Yahoo! Google...browsers- internet explorer, netscape...market operating suppliers- Symbian, Opera, and Safari.
  • proir to competition, microsoft internet explorer, google, and symbian all best providers.
  • now change to yahoo, opera and safari, google following short after.


The Sun launch mobile news content.

  • First national newspaper to provide readers with news on their mobile phones.
  • "Mobi"- is a simpler form of their online webpage o news, especially made for mobiles.
  • 10 news stories, page three content, sports...
  • text alert services- money made through many of these features, costing £1/ 50p per text.
  • point to make news accessible to people who are not "office bound"- without computers.
  • make new brand, expand in moblie space and create new audiences.


ARTICLES ON BLOGGING (popular medium of providing ugc news that is making news across the world, on news websites)- NATIONALLY N INTERNATIONALLY



- downfall  in blog users nd viewers.

- too many being out on the web

- blogs about blogging, or persuading organisations to use bloggers.

- uninteresting to audience, therefore a decrease in hits they are getting.

+ resolving issue by taking  break from them.

+ getting rid of some

+ interesting ones from major bloggers survive.

+ advantage to newspapers as content is already avaible at there finger tips.



Italian bloggers may be required to register with a national database, in accordance to a new law which may be passed. Journalists are not at all pleased with the law, and think there is need for revising the decision to put it into force. the law was being enforced in attempt to tidy up the countries publishing related regulations. From editoral bloggers, competiting with magazines, to the smallest of unprofessional myspace personal bloggers would be required to fill in the registering form. Unneccessary hassle, in the eyes of many. However there is a slim chance of the law being passed. Yet what this does demonstrate is how out of touch the Italian government is with the ever growing Interenet age.



Youth interest and activity in blogging in Saudi Arabia is catching on fast. Youths are getting their views about politica, social, and other issues across through the use of interent blogs. It is a provider of freedom to an EXTENT, for these young individuals. Blogs are blocked if content is obective, against the religion of the state, or national regulation.



Blogs are giving well established Media Organisations a run for there money. Media Orgs are losing out their audiences to online bloggers. It seems their information is worryingly enough trusted and thought of as a reliable source those of real media organisations. Popular information websites are on the rise. Audiences percieved to be disloyal, and fragmented, going to different websites for their news fixes, therefore new ways of keeping them on old traditional websites are to be thought of rapidly. Some media organisations are incorporating articles and blogs side by side on there pages, giving audiences more choices. TV and Radio, also getting in on the act, providing podcasts, and oon demand streaming content.



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  6. www.abc.org



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