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Leisure A-G

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Leisure A-G - Zoe
This Table shows the magazines within the Leisure category A-G, as well as the total circulation for each magazine.
Type of Magazine
Total Circulation of Magazine
Art Quarterly
49 215
Irish Arts Review
11 439
Nadfas Review
78 059
Aeroplane Monthly
34 706
Air International
12 295
Air force Monthly
20 015
Airliner World
35 687
39 177
Go Flying!
20 019
PC Pilot
21 095
19 485
Boat Trader
12 422
Boats & Yachts
Canal Boats & Inland Waterways
13 560
Classic Boats
12 304
Motorboats & Yachting
17 134
Motor Boats Monthly
15 806
Practical Boat Owner
48 637
Waterways World
17 007
Climbing/ Camping/ Walking.
Country Walking
46 849
40 522
105 809
Classic Plant & Machinery
11 012
Model Collector
47 218
Tractor & Machinery
47 218
Card Making & Papercraft
31 568
Paper Craft Inspirations
38 446
Quick Cards Made Easy
17 810
Entertainment and Listing
69 Magazine
Big Issue Cymru
15 678
Go Belfast
24 763
In Dublin
The Big Issue
158 581
The Big List
The Crack
The Dubliner
The Skinny
22 502
Time Out
Totally Dublin
50 004
British Horse
57 753
Horse and Hound
68 210
Horse Magazine
22 241
Your Horse
45 729
Film & Video Review
DVD Review
24 957
179 373
Sight & Sound
20 303
Total Film
85 616
500, 700
General Health & Fitness
London Sport
100 342
                                                                                                                                                                                (Data from abc.org)
The purpose of Audit Beureau Circulation is to “provide free access to the circulation, distribution and attendance data for ABC certified Magazines, Newspapers, Exhibitions and Directories within the UK and Republic of Ireland” (abc.org). I have used this data to look at the circulation of the magazines; this informs me of how popular a magazine.
Magazine Websites
Art – ‘Art Quarterly’ website is part of ‘Gallery M’; on this site you can read the articles. I was quite surprised this website was not more technical, although there were plenty of things to do on the website. One of these being that you could open a PDF of the magazine to read it for free.
Advertising is obviously a very important revenue source for this magazine evidenced by the fact there is a section for advertisers who wish to advertise. Here there is persuasive information to induce them to advertise. Here is some information that is given;
“Basic Demographics:
Our readers are typically a mix of college educated, 30 to 60 year-old men and women with a household income of $70,000 and up. Our younger readers tend to be parents focused on their family and adding inspiration/design to their home environment (typically their first home); the older demographic is an empty nester with a discerning and sophisticated taste and preference for collecting art and antiques. Beyond liking the work, prestige, luxury and status are other key factors to a our collector's decision to buy and collect at GALLERY M. Reading the ART QUARTERLY keeps each up to date on what is important in the national and international fine art world.
Targeted Placement:
You can place your ad on your own or let our ad team target with you the right category, artist, work or a section in the newsletter for your ad.”
This information is useful because when an advertiser wants to advertise here they have a good idea what the average newsreader is like allowing them to tailor their adverts thus appeal more to the reader.
‘Irish Arts’ Review website has a basic layout. You can’t read the articles for free but you can subscribe to the magazine online, the cost is not given initially you need to navigate through various options before you obtain it. You can also upload your work onto the website.
Aviation - ‘Fly Past’ allows you to download backgrounds. There are not full articles on their web pages, this may likely to be because they do not want to be an online magazine but they offer an online subscription to the magazines and deliver it to your door. Some of the features this website offer are; gallery, online shop, online forum and links.
‘Pilot’ website also offered blogs and forums. Their website also seemed a lot more up to date and had lots of features. You could also register for a free online newsletter. The layout was also clear by being in columns and there is a member’s area.
Both websites appear to be more for people wishing to find out more information about what they’ve already read within the magazines rather than fresh and new unpublished information.
Boating - ‘Waterways’ is currently having work done which makes it unavailable when I checked it on 8/10/07. This suggests to me that there are more online users than when the website was originally set up and as a result the magazines wants a website to reflect the needs of its readers thus attract more readers.
A competitor of ‘Waterways’ is ‘Motorboats and Yachting’, this had a very active website providing vast amounts of information for their readers such as weather and tide information, this lead me to believe that their target audience are professional sailors who require this sort of information. This website dedicated lots of space to advertisers.
Walking, Camping, Climbing – ‘Country Walking’ magazine website included ‘Walkers Headlines’ plus it also included the ‘website latest’. Features this website included were:
Ø      Your Pictures
Ø      Forums
Ø      Sites we like
Ø      Videos
Ø      Plus many more interactive aspects.
Collecting – ‘Classic Plant and Machinery’ - this website is very basic compared to those visited previously, you can’t view any articles and the website purely acts as an advertising tool. You can however find other information such ‘Ad to Article’ ratio, which is ‘25:75’ (http://www.cpmmag.co.uk/the_mag/). This magazine is also distributed in other countries such as USA and Sweden.
Crafts – ‘Card Making and Papercraft’ - this website was very interactive, although there were no articles which you would find in the magazine. Interesting features of this website featured were:
Ø      Polls
Ø      Blogs
Ø      Forums
Ø      Pod casts
Ø      Free charts (used to create sewn pictures.)
Entertainment & Listings – ‘The Dubliner’ website is quite basic with viewers able to comment on the articles within the magazine. You can also you can also watch ‘You Tube’ videos which relate to the articles on this site. It seems that most of the articles are available through this website. It seems as though this is a free magazine.
‘The Big Issue’ is a magazine helping the homeless and ‘is now an international movement, providing opportunities for people facing homelessness to help themselves.’

“At the centre of this work is The Big Issue Magazine - a news & current affairs magazine written by professional journalists and sold on the streets by vendors looking to overcome the crises surrounding homelessness.

It is owned by The Big Issue Company Ltd

There is only information on this website but it is vital to this magazine people buy it not read it for free online, this is so it helps the homeless. This magazine is not made for profits it made to help people. The Big Issue has taken off world wide and won various awards. This magazine is distributed py homeless people so they can earn money, I don't think this 'The Big Issue' will change how they distribute the magazine because other wise it is not helping the homeless  people directly and that is the companies aim.
Equestrian - ‘Horse and Hound’ describes its website as A 1st class equestrian site”. (horseandhound.co.uk)There website is also very interactive; you can place adverts, the cost is expensive, with the advert below costing £260 per issue, although the advert is published on the net within an hour and will feature in the publication this is still relatively expensive. There are also various levels of cost depending on the type of advert you place, an advert consisting of text only is cheaper, but the website encourages the buyer to purchase a photo one. This leads me to believe advertising is very important to this magazine, both private and business.
 The site is one of the best so far. You can also read some articles. This site also has polls that web users can interact with.
I have noticed that many of the magazine websites use advertisements; this is likely to be because they are an excellent source of steady revenue for the magazine.
Film and Video Review – ‘Empire’ website is full of film information including film reviews, image gallery and much more. However a reason for this website being so full of information could again be advertising within it, since if a film is featured in ‘Empire’ magazine or its website, it is publicity for that film, thus helping to persuade people to watch the film at the cinema or buy the DVD. The website also included competitions to win DVDS.
‘Sight and Sound’ magazine website had a very professional layout and was easy to follow. One of the first elements about this website I notice is that there are no advertisements. This is likely because the British Film Industry funds some of this magazine but also relies on sponsorship as there is a section on the website for this. 
General Health and Fitness – ‘London Sport’ Website is quite simple, it includes pieces of information that would be useful to people interested in sport, such information included is; beginner guides, top treks and top ten spas.
Flash is included in the majority of websites I have looked at
After researching the leisure A-G category, I have found that this sector is using certain media techniques within the new media field, with the majority using:
Ø      Forums & Blogs
Ø      ‘Search our Site’ option
Ø      Freebies - These came in many different forms such as downloads, sewing guide etc
Ø      Image galleries
Ø      Newsletters
Ø      Competitions
Ø      Offers when subscribing online
By using these features it makes the magazine more interactive for the reader/consumer, by using the internet, magazines can offer more for its reader thus be a more persuasive magazine to purchase.
The main source of revenue for these magazines is advertising, this is likely to be because there are many companies who specialise within certain leisure activities and can target certain people through their chosen interests displayed through their choice of magazine. ‘Sight and Sound’ was the only magazine not relying on advertising but is funded by the BFI.
However ‘The Big Issue’ is funded by people buying the magazine and charity from other institution. Celebrities such as Kate Moss have been interviewed for the magazine to raise awareness for the homeless.
I think this sector will embrace new media forms of distribution such as be available on mobile phones. Although at the moment I have found no evidence of this so far. Maybe in the future they will use other distribution techniques to benefit there audiences, so they can access information when on the move to assist with their leisure activity.
Classic Plant & Machinery, [online], (http://www.cpmmag.co.uk/themag/)
Audit Beureau of Circulation website, [online], (http://www.abc.org.uk)
Motor Boats and Yachting, [online] (http://www.mby.com/mby/home.htm)
Horse and Hound, [Online] http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/
Irish Arts Review, [Online] http://www.irishartsreview.com/
Flypast [Online] http://www.flypast.com/
Country Walking [Online] http://www.countrywalking.co.uk/
London Sport [Online] http://www.ls-magazine.co.uk/
Dubliner [Online] http://www.thedubliner.ie/
Card Making and Papercraft [Online] http://www.cardmakingandpapercraft.com/
The Big Issue Magazine, [Online] http://www.bigissue.com/bigissue.html
Sight & Sound Magazine, [Online] http://www.bfi.org.uk/sightandsound/

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