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General Interest

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 11 months ago


General Interest- Guzeen


This is what I have found at the moment. It is abit basic but im hoping to build up on it!

General Interest Magazines[1].doc 






The Astrology Magazine that I found Prediction had a number of features:

§         It had flash adverts,

§         Consumers can subscribe online and this leads to a different page where it allows the viewer to subscribe for the first time or renew their subscription. It also has information about the magazine and its publisher and also contact details about where and how to contact the companies.

§         It also a news page which at the moment is displaying a brief article and an extract of an interview with a well-known psychic. The home page also contains a horoscopes tab, which leads to all the horoscopes and then leads to a different page when a horoscope is selected.

§         It also has a page where the magazine contents can be viewed and also a link where the online magazine can be purchased. This leads to a link for “zinio”.  http://www.zinio.com/category?cat=6495186

§         There is also a page where samples from previous issues can be viewed.

  • There is also; diary dates, downloads which has various PC and Mac wallpapers that can be downloaded for free. There is also a directory, which contains the web addresses for different astrology and physic sites and other related topics. The final tab contains contact details for the magazine and its publisher. 


Job Adverts/ Courses= Recruit Magazine- Loot Ltd




  • The front page has general articles regarding recruitment and also a link to their complete archive. The Online format for the magazine allows for more articles and they can be updated daily and also can be in constant contact with their audience with a newsletter. It allows consumers to view premium content as well as download the magazine for 30 days for the price of £6. In this sense the online magazine is not really beneficial as consumers in my opinion would rather pay £6 for a hard copy something which they can claim as their own and be free to make their own decisions rather than be constricted by a 30 day viewing restriction.
  • There is also a choice of viewing back issues and a search engine for news. The search engine allows the user to select a country and source from which they require recruitment news or information. The search engine is slow and is frustrating. Navigating to and from a page takes a considerable amount of time and from my experience made me want to navigate away from the page totally. I also found when entering certain search criteria that the page would fail to load and would ask me to contact the system administrator.
  • The overall feel and look of the magazine is fairly basic. The site contains a forum, contact details, advertisements and also a separate page which lists advertisers alphabetically and then provides website links.
  • The magazine also has sub-sections which break up the different sections this is easier than a print magazine as it allows the user to access the information they require directly. The pages are again slow in loading. There is a little flash on the page but this is again only used for the adverts. There is also an RSS feed which allows users to stay up to date with news and features from the website. 


Miscellaneous= BBC History Magazine- Bristol Magazines



  • The page allows users to listen to podcasts and also various other audio files. There is also a forum format which allows the admin and readers to interact with each other and also a poll format. The poll format is only available when there is an actual poll running when I accessed it on 17/10/2007 there was no actual poll running and therefore the content could not be viewed. There is also an events section which shows the different history events which are running nationally and provides details such as where they can be found, general information regarding the event and who to contact to attend the events.
  • There is also a link to a book shop which allows the consumers to buy the books reviewed in the magazines. Users can click on the picture of the book cover and this takes them to the history book shop website. There is also a competition link as well as standard subscription links and current issue links. The subscription link allows subscribers to have three free issues as well as a DVD box set but the offer does not specify whether this is an online exclusive offer or a general offer. The DVD box set offer is only available to those who subscribe for 6 issues rather than 13 and the box set is of a related BBC TV series, “Who Do You Think You Are?” There is also a link to next issue which provides a summary of the main topics covered in the next magazine and below there is again a link to subscription.
  • There is also a question and answer page which allows users to ask the panel of experts a question. The link leads to a basic page which has a series of boxes which need filling in, they are  a box for the question, first name, last name, city and email address contact. There are also additional links for the best history links, this feature is also featured in the “On the Net” page within the print copy of the BBC History Magazine. The rest of the page is fairly standard there are flash images of the adverts and also flash historical images on the front page.



Literary= London Review of Books- LRB Limited



§         The page is fairly ordinary and plain. On the home page it has a list of topics as you scroll down there is a box, which contains articles, which allows the subscribers of the magazine to access.

§         The website also has a search engine which I did not find very helpful. I typed in words such as “Magazines” and “entertainment” and found that the search results, which were presented on the screen, were in no way related to my initial search. However, the search engine is useful as it allows users to search through the free articles or all of the articles. The use of searching for free articles allows non-subscribers to access a certain amount of information in the hope that they might actually subscribe to the magazine & therefore gain unlimited access on the Internet.

§         There is also a classified section on the site, which has sections such as available accommodation, conferences, forestry, holidays, personals, specialist booksellers and a translations section. I am unsure whether this is actually included within the magazine and also if this is regularly updated then those who are consumers of the magazine may potentially pay to place adverts or notifications within the classified section.

§         The archive section is very in-depth which is a huge bonus for the amount of people who are more likely to either buy the magazine or visit the website again. The archive allows users to do a basic search whereby any phrase is entered, or a contributor search, a subject search; there is also a publisher index and also a contents page, which can be browsed.

§         The site also has a newsletter facility. This is useful as it keeps the publisher of the magazine in regular contact with the user and maintains the “relationship” between the magazine and its readers. 

§         There is also some merchandise, which adds extra revenue, and there is also interestingly a binder, which contains a whole year’s worth of copies of the London Review of Books. The binders come in two sizes, the small size is for the issues of the LRB from 1997 onwards, this is because the size of the magazine changed and the large size is for issues up to and including 1996.

The website although on the face of it looks very plain and basic has some very good and useful features such as the binder which can be given as a gift or kept as a souvenir and the archive which allows very specific searches and thereby saving the user time but also very user-friendly at the same time.



Miscellaneous= National Geographical Magazine- National Geographic Society



§        The National Geographical Magazine has a comprehensive website. Out of all the sites I have analysed currently it has the best features and a significant theme and style. It is well structured in the sense that although the graphics are big the page does not look amateurish.

§         The site has a latest features section, which has different sections of topical issues. There is also a photography section which is selected daily by the National Geographic Magazine readers. They also have a vote for the best photo of the month, which have been submitted. There also features such as jigsaw puzzle generator and a slide puzzle generator. I though this feature was fun and although typically the readership is thought to be middle-aged or with an interest in the specialist subject. However, the use of these games enables younger users to be entertained whilst educated at the same. 

§         They also have a multimedia section, each which has different topics. For example if you click on the infectious animals link it gives a video diary and explains the subject in detail. I think this aspect although is not related to the magazine is an interesting way of retaining the users. It also sparks interest in the magazine.

§         Apart from the subscribe link and archive link there is little else on the website to suggest that the website is for a magazine. There are some aspects of the site that are awkward such as how to help.  This is similar to the “this issue” link, which is present in most of the general magazines websites.

§         There is also a tab for interactives and maps. This link contains a large amount of further links, which contain even more interactive opportunities for users.

In terms of the most variety and availability the National Geographical Magazine have the most engaging content so far. They offer users a lot of activities to retain users.


Miscellaneous= Reader's Digest- Reader's Digest Association Ltd


(I can't add a picture for this for some reason! :( )


§         Basic layout and design but complicated in the sense that it is hard to see which section is related to reader’s digest magazine as opposed to other sections,

§         Login area for subscribers- allows them to check their bill, change their personal details etc. and links on online help and allows new users to register to use their online facilities.

§         Visual page not much happening in terms of content or much multimedia activities. Has a link to promote other magazines or services provided by Reader’s Digest.

§         Standard flash to promote products and adverts. Not very attractive, simple, standard. It doesn’t offer a lot of services, which may retain users, or to keep them interested. The only advantage I would say this site offers is that it allows subscribers to monitor their billing account.

§         The site looks tacky with the blatant advertising of other companies and the promotion of the other magazines and services Reader’s Digest offers. There is little insight or development of the magazine. There are a maximum of five articles on the website and the longest article although interesting isn’t enough to keep me on the page. It seems as though you would only ever visit the website to browse the sale tab to see which offers are available or to check or manage their bill.


Retirement= Saga Magazine- Saga Publishing Ltd



§         The Saga magazine came as bit of a surprise what with the stereotypical notion that the older generations are unable to grasp the ever-changing nature of the web. The website is one of the most advanced I have seen in the majority of general magazines I have examined so far.

§         The website allows the text to be changed at the click of the button. This is easily accessible via the homepage and is compatible with the requirements of the user. The changing of the text allows the user to feel comfortable with their needs. The text is enlarged to a certain degree and is hardly noticeable in terms of the layout. The layout adapts to the size of the text- the website uses CSS mode for this I believe.

§         The website also has a link to a social networking system called “Sagazone” which allows over 50’s communicate with each other, in other words a forum. It also has the standard newsletter and subscription pages and also allows other users purchase a gift subscription.

§         The website also has a link to Saga Magazines media pack, this is very useful to advertisers as they can almost automatically gain access to the magazines target audience and could potentially attract more advertisers to the magazine.

§         There is also a feature which allows the user to view the magazine in another window, http://saga.inbro.net/seeinsidebrochure/SAGA-Magazine_September-2007 This feature also allows the user to email the magazine contents straight to their inbox. The whole magazine takes around 20 minutes to download. It also has a navigation tool bar which allows the user to read the contents of a certain page and navigate directly to the page. This is a useful tool to have as it could potentially attract more readers or subscribers. Also, advertisers may pay more if the magazine is available online and therefore producing more revenue for the magazine.

§         The website also has an archive feature which only features the last three months of magazines.



Sci-Fi= SFX- Future Publishing Ltd





§         The website has a calendar of the month that the website has been viewed. Also on the calendar the dates where there has been a new development on the website or in the world of science fiction and fantasy have been highlighted with a red, dotted border.

§         The website also has a poll, and a link to facebook. There is also a link to the SFX forum. There is also a link to previous issues these start from November 2007 to October 2005. Each month has an image of the magazine cover that issue and also a brief summary of what the magazine contains.

§         The website also has special offers for those who subscribe via the website subscribers can choose from three special offers, the first being a discount off the news-stand price, the second offers a free mystery gift and a trivia gift and the third and final offer is for a “Free spirited away” DVD. These offers not only entice new subscribers but previous subscribers as well. It also offers “No cover lines You get collectable word-free covers on subscriber issues”. I’m not sure  what this means but I believe it means that the cover simply consists of the image and maybe the date of the issue.

§         The website also allows the purchase of the last three magazines, this includes that month’s magazine. They say this is due to warehouse space.

§         The website also has offers such as discounts when purchasing any SFX from the “Forbidden Planet” website. This offers a chance to see how many users actually make use of the website and provides extra revenue for both websites.

§         The website also has a link to a personal ads and club notices page where it explains that for free it can print any personal ads or any promotion for a fanzine or club. This is a useful idea as it can help extent the variety in the magazine and also could provide an interesting story for the magazine itself.

§         There is also a link to a book club which explains last months book and mentions the book of the month this month. There is also a section of the website which is dedicated to explaining the reviews for TV shows or films about to be released on DVD. Readers can give their opinions and ratings for the show or film. This allows for a stronger relationship between the magazine and its readers and allows them to feel in control of the content and may influence them to read the magazine more if they feel their comments are to be printed withtin the magazine itself.

§         There is also an RSS feed link. This website explores different ways in allowing the reader to be more active rather than passive in the magazine’s contents and could potentially attract a lot more subscribers due to this and therefore improve their profits greatly.



The following magazines are those that I found from Yahoo under their category of magazines and newspapers and under the sub-category of general interest magazines.


Vanity Fair Magazine



§         The website is fairly basic in terms of what it provides for the magazine new  media wise the website simply features articles from the magazine a few slideshows of pictures from the current and past magazine issues. It also has a table of contents with the articles for this month’s magazines.

§         The website also has a media kit and an RSS feed link. It also has renew and gift subscriptions links as well as a questions link. https://w1.buysub.com/pubs/N3/VYF/entry.jsp?cds_page_id=3608&cds_mag_code=VYF&id=1194197471827&lsid=73081131118016523&vid=1

§         The website is pretty standard and does not in my view does not offer any new media experimentations.


Satisfaction Magazine



§         This website again offers little in terms of new media advancement. It has the basics such as an archive facility, a search facility and a RSS feed. Apart from that it simply contains different articles under certain categories.





§         The Life magazine website is currently being updated but it has flash displaying some of the special cover collections. It also have four links at the bottom of the page.

§         The link leads to what seems to be a temporary page which I think will exist until the new pages are completed. The website offers a polling section and also a quiz area.

§         The website also has a sudoku page which entertains the user and may also keep them on the site longer. There is also a picture puzzle link which has the same purpose. To retain the reader for longer on the site and also to beat any boredom the user may experience.

§         There is also a link to the shop. The site is very basic but the site is being updated and this potentially may mean that the magazine knows this and therefore is adapting their content.


Harper’s Magazine



(The picture for this magazine does not upload.)

§         Visually the home page of the magazine website is very interesting as it appears to have a timeline on the page. This is visually very attractive. The site offers the standard newsletter and subscribe functions, as well as an archive search. It also has a search function.

§          It also has a subject search whereby articles are categorized into different categories and by clicking on that category it lists all the related articles. This saves the user time and therefore means they may spend longer than they would if they could not find the necessary article(s) they needed.

§         The rest of the site is standard in the sense it includes content from past and present issues.



  • Most of the magazines I have analyzed have not grasped the new media opportunities available this is due to the fact that most of these magazines either simply do not have the resources to provide this type of service or the fact that the audience simply do not make use of the online facilities already available.It is hard to see who is exactly the audience for the general interest magazines, magazines such as Saga and SFX have clear audiences whereas magazines such as Harpers magazine or Vanity magazine do not have a clear target audience. 
  •  Most of the websites that I looked at offered other products, which were in some way connected with the magazine. This helps to provide extra revenue for the magazine but this is sometimes not enough, as the online shop may not even be accessed. The websites feature too heavily on content and not content. This makes business sense in the fact that the websites are there simply as another method of purchasing the magazine and therefore if the magazine is available online the magazine will fail to exist, as it cannot produce any revenue.
  • I feel that general interest magazines are perhaps not the best category to look at when exploring new media magazines experimentation as most general interest magazine websites are simply existing for the fact that the magazine provides a website. This may be due to lack of resources or staff that the magazines cannot simply reproduce the same quality both in their print magazines and their online counterparts.
  • I feel that personally it would not be economically viable for businesses in this category to expand in terms of their online developments, as they are very niche. Very simply I feel that unless the content is updated regularly and the overall appearance and quality of the website are improved the websites will not generate much income and therefore improving these services and attracting new users and readers are the only methods of improving hits and subscriptions.




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